Latest Updates from ~ 7-10 June 2010 & 19-23 June 2010 FULLY BOOKED!

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Just wanted to update everybody on the availability of our resort. Please take note of the following dates which are already fully booked;

1. 7th until 10th June 2010 and

2. 19th until 23rd June 2010

Hope the information above can help you plan your trip to ttdi. Please contact us for reservation.


Review Tasik Temenggor Discovery Island

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Hi, thanks to all subscribers,
Just wanted to introduce myself to you so that you can contact me at anytime with regard to Tasik Temenggor Discovery Island (TTDI). We have a lot of things happening at the island. A new house boat is almost ready and should be operational in May 2010. So stay tune for the latest updates.
We also have some sail boats at the island now. In fact next year we are going to organize an International Sail Boat competiotion. It will be the first in the world to have it in land and in a lake. Apparently the wind in Temenggor Lake in December up to February is strong enough.
PS – If you have been to TTDI, you can now share your review with below  or please go to our website at and you will find the link at the top left corner.

Well that’s all from me at the moment. Hope you have a great week ahead.
Please email or contact me on my mobile at +6 0162626741.
Best regards
Amirul Iskandar Mannan